I’ve always thought of techies as being our eventual saviours (you know, acting as the last line of defence).

This is why (amongst many other reasons which actually make sense) I’m interested in getting inside the head of a technician. 

Through this series of Bladerunner-like questioning I’ve aptly named ‘A Day in the Life of a Techie’, I hope we can work together to give our schools/readers an insight into how you work, what you do, why tech support is such an important service and how we can save ourselves from the eventual A.I uprising. 

With that in mind, let us begin:


It’s Monday, it’s raining (of course it is), and you’re tired; how do you start your day? 

Have a brew, take the dog for a walk, jump in my car and try to make it to the Wirral in time for a McDonalds (don’t tell the wife) before heading to wherever I’m working that day.


I’ve noticed you all possess quite analytical minds. Brain power must be key. What do you do throughout the day to make sure you’re always at the top of your game?

Honestly coffee is a great tool, but also just keeping your mind on the task at hand is the best way. The job sometimes feels like a series of technological puzzles, most you’ve solved before but sometimes the right answer often changes on a daily basis. I like puzzles so therefore it’s relatively easy to stay focused.


Hypothetical time. I’m a head teacher and my school’s WiFi has just gone down. You know it’s fixable, but i’m panicking. What do you do? 

If in doubt ring the Hi-Impact Tech Team in the office, especially if you have no access to the internet. They’ll be able to either help you fix the problem over the phone, or if it’s more serious they’ll be able to get someone into the school as fast as they can to fix the problem.


I once shadowed your fellow technician, Jamie, as he spent all day at St. George’s school solving tickets. Do you find having so many jobs at once at all stressful?

It’s all part of the job. I’d say the hardest part of having a lot of tech tickets in at any given time is making sure you have prioritised them properly, so if your tech ticket is taking a little longer than usual to be solved, please be patient as there’s often a bigger problem we’ve had to prioritise, but we will ensure we get to your issue as quickly as we can.


Working in quite a diversely talented company, amongst colleagues with different skills, what traits do you think make technicians unique?

I think to an extent technicians are the people schools see the most regularly, so therefore we can seem like the face of the company a lot of the time, therefore we have to make sure we’re professional at all times, remain cool under pressure and do our best to showcase to our schools the rest of the companies talents and skills whenever they may be in need of them (Media, Curriculum etc)


My laptop keeps displaying error messages. I know I haven’t made any errors and I start yelling at it. It’s a real battle of wits; what should I do in this situation?

The best thing you can do is pop in a tech ticket. Please ensure you describe the fault as best you possibly can, and attaching a screenshot of the error message/problem is often incredibly useful. This is far more useful to us than an email, as it means every tech in the company can see your ticket, and it often means your ticket will be resolved far quicker than if you emailed your schools technician personally. All I’d add to that is pay attention to your emails as best you can, we’ll often reply to try to understand the fault better to help you as best we can and if you don’t reply this can often bring the process grinding to a halt as we don’t have enough information to work with


Teachers at the schools you work in always seem to have such good things to say about you. How is it that you’re able to cultivate these healthy working relationships on such a consistent basis? 

I think something that really makes us stand out from other companies out there is we all care, and try to deal with every encounter as realistically and personally as possible, to ensure the schools and students are getting the tech support they deserve, to make education as accessible and easy as possible. If we’re in your school, don’t feel like you can’t grab us if something is going drastically wrong, we’re here to help in any way we can.