160 teachers from the Wirral receive AI training

Published on 17/04/2024

Empowering Educators with AI Training in Deeside Schools

We recently had the privilege of providing AI training to 160 enthusiastic educators from across the North West of England. For many of the teachers, it was the first time they delved into the world of artificial intelligence.

Deeside Teachers Equipped to Transform Education with AI

The training sessions were designed to empower teachers not only with the knowledge and skills to enhance classroom teaching but also to streamline various aspects of school administration. Teachers discovered innovate ways to:

    • provide personalised learning and feedback
    • plan a curriculum
    • design assessments
    • analyse data
    • automate routine administration
    • facilitate interactive learning experiences
    • create engaging lesson materials

All of these benefits of course free up teacher time for what truly matters – fostering student growth and achievement.

Armed with newfound insights and practical strategies, teachers left excited and inspired. By harnessing the potential of different AI platforms, educators across Deeside are poised to unlock new possibilities, enhance learning outcomes and shape the future of education in the digital age.

Highly Sensitive Child - Hi-impact - Latest News
Highly Sensitive Child - Hi-impact - Latest News
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