Apple Education

Empowering educators and students to embrace a transformative learning experience like never before

Why Apple?

Work flexibly from any location at any time

Enhance academic performance

Integrate learning tools that facilitate reflective thinking

Use and manage easily and effortlessly

Benefit from versatile financing alternatives

Apple for Education

Apple in Education

Embracing the right technology plays a vital role in fostering learning and equipping children with essential life skills for their future. With Apple’s intuitive technology, students can embark on an exciting and engaging journey of exploration and learning.

Apple empowers teachers with purpose-built education apps and curriculum programs to achieve optimal learning outcomes for their students while streamlining administrative tasks.

Supporting Inclusivity

Apple devices promote inclusivity through a variety of accessibility-focused features.

By offering technology that acknowledges individuality, Apple empowers children to engage with lessons in ways that best suit them.

Apple for Education
Apple for Education

Enhance Learning Outcomes

Committed to empowering schools with Apple technology, hi-impact seeks affordable solutions that align with each school’s ambitions. We provide cutting-edge technology which enhances the learning experience while accommodating the school’s budget and aspirations.

The Apple Family

IT Support- IT Solutions for Schools


Empower both learners and educators with the transformative capabilities of iPad technology. With the freedom to collaborate, conduct research and even sketch while on the move, the power to learn and teach lies in their hands.


Combining portability with remarkable performance, MacBook is an ideal choice for education. Equipped with the potent Apple M2 chip as a standard feature, every MacBook enhances the learning experience.


Introducing the first Mac with a system-on-a-chip design, this desktop model offers remarkable compactness. Experience stunning visuals and exceptional audio that make it an ideal choice for collaboration and immersive experiences.

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IT Support

Unlock more classroom time with efficient and streamlined IT solutions.

IT Support- IT Solutions for Schools

ICT Procurement Services

ICT procurement services provide schools with diverse purchasing options to acquire up-to-date IT equipment.

IT Audit

Maximise your school’s potential with a comprehensive technical audit.

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