A PASSION for music and photography by hi-impact media consultant Georgia Flynn is bringing to Liverpool a unique new festival this summer.

Shout About It Live will be the place where some of the best known names on the photographic scene, bands and artists – plus fans who are simply interested in the music – can celebrate the work of gig photographers.

Such has been the impact of Georgia’s event that two big names are making long-haul flights specially to be there – renowned gig photographer Deb Kloeden, who is flying in from Australia, and singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Amanda Lowe who’s coming over from Canada to perform.

The event, being held over the weekend of Saturday, August 19 and Sunday, August 20 at District in the city’s Baltic Triangle, is all thanks to 24-year-old Georgia, a digital media and communications consultant based at hi-impact’s headquarters in Bromborough, who has created a two-day hub of activity for photographers who love to shoot images of musicians on a live stage.

Georgia, herself a gig photographer in her spare time with a growing reputation in and around http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/cholesterol-lowering/ Liverpool, hit on the idea of putting the two forms of art in place following her own experiences in various venues’ photographic pits.

She said: “Rules are strict in the photo pits where there’s usually hardly any room to move. You’re only allowed about 10 minutes while the artist performs and you can’t use flash. It’s all obvious stuff as people are there to see the musicians, not the photographers.

“But gig photography is something the artists and bands want too; there’s no better way of getting their profile up there than from a live shoot. So that’s what Shout About It Live is all about – it’s bringing together both sides so the photographers can get their shots and the bands can get their pictures.

“Hopefully, this will be the first step towards building a community of gig photographers who come together to showcase their work.”

Throughout the weekend, photographers will also have the opportunity to showcase their work in District.

Georgia, who loves to photograph new music and street art around Liverpool, has lined up an impressive array of photographers and bands for Shout About It Live.

Photographer Deb Kloeden said: “I am so excited about the festival because it will be a unique way to bring concert photography and live music together. It is an ambitious event with lots of co-ordination and planning involved.

“When Georgia approached me and invited me to come to Liverpool, I didn’t hesitate to agree and so I am travelling from Australia to take part. It will be a wonderful experience to meet the other photographers and bands involved.”

Among the other photographers joining her is the much admired international rock star photographer Matthias Hombauer who said: “This festival is like no other. Bringing together the work of gig photographers with live music is sure to be a success and showcase some great talent.”

Alan Thompson, managing director at hi-impact, added: “Photography and film are both parts of our media offering at hi-impact and Georgia is a key member of our team.

“Sadly, we don’t get many opportunities to travel the country working at such exciting gigs so it is great that Georgia has managed to find a way to make this happen.

“When Georgia puts her mind to something, it is always a massive success so I know that Shout About It will be incredible. I’ve got my T-shirt!”

The huge line-up of artists and bands performing at the festival covers a range of music styles and has big names playing alongside local talent. On stage with Amanda Lowe will be Eleanor Nelly, who has just signed to Decca, as well as The Cheap Thrills, Astles, Silent Cities, Luca, Brothers of Mine, Cal Ruddy, Wildfires, Black Mountain Lights, Sly Antics, The Buffalo Riot, Riviera and Diamonds in the Dark.

Shout About It Live on Saturday, August 19 and on Saturday, August 20 runs from 12 noon to 11pm on both days. Tickets for the Saturday are £12 and are £10 for the Sunday, all available from www.skiddle.com