Best Teaching Apps To Start Using in 2020: Nearpod

Dec 16, 2019

Children, as a universally accepted rule, can be easily distracted. They need to be mentally engaged, intellectually stimulated, to be compelled through encapsulating visual and auditory means. In these areas, Nearpod excels magnificently.

As a student engagement platform app, Nearpod has been manufactured for the purpose of making the art of teaching easier and more enjoyable for both parties. Flexibly designed to work with any classroom technology, ranging from iPads and iPhones to Macs and Chromebooks, Nearpod allows teachers to tailor their lessons as they see fit, deciding what content can be viewed by the children and receiving real-time feedback of student activity.

Not only does this provide a valuable and reliable data bank for the teacher; allowing them to track student progress during lessons. It also grants students a certain degree of anonymity from their classmates when engaging in classroom activities; encouraging those who suffer from shyness to answer questions without having to worry about feeling socially intimidated or judged by peers.

Nearpods’ lesson plans are fully interactive and create a safe space for students to learn, create and share. It allows the user to teach a number of subjects, such as; ELA, mathematics, science, social studies and computer science.

The innovative app is also fully compatible with Google Slides and PowerPoints, enabling teachers to prepare and structure lessons ahead of time.

Nearpod includes many interesting features which can be used to breathe new life into the classroom, such as;

VR Field Trips: Using virtual reality to take the students on a grand adventure without ever leaving the room

Time to Climb: A digital game in which students are tasked with answering as many multiple choice questions correctly, as quick as possible, to reach the top of the mountain before anyone else.

Draw It: A game in which students have to draw, type, highlight and add pictures in response to questions, images or descriptions presented to them on an interactive whiteboard.

Collaborate! Board: An activity which involves using an interactive board for creation. Teachers add the boards, and students add their art, text, or image. These boards can be moderated from the Teacher Dashboard.

Quiz: A series of questions dictated by the teacher to assess the student’s understanding of any given subject. Involves multiple choice questions and live feedback.

Polls: This activity allows teachers to bring the whole classroom together; highlighting student opinions and understanding to provoke class discussion.

Nearpod is FREE and can be downloaded today.