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hi-impact is proud to be a Cornerstone Employer for the Liverpool City Region

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hi-impact collaborates with Career and Enterprise, serving as dedicated school enterprise advisors across the North West. Our cutting-edge approach to education combines technology, creativity, and passion, engaging students in transformative learning experiences. Leveraging our expertise, we amplify the impact of Career and Enterprise programs in the region. For career support or more information, contact us below.

hi-impact is a key ‘Cornerstone Employer‘ in the Liverpool City Region Careers Hub, collaborating with The Career and Enterprise Company, Liverpool LEP, and the Enterprise Adviser Network. Committed to shaping the future, we invest resources in providing excellent careers education to local schools and colleges. Our aim is to reduce the risk of young individuals becoming NEET by fostering meaningful connections with employers during their school years. Through essential workplace experiences, we empower them to make informed choices about their future paths.

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About Us

hi-impact is a leading IT consultancy based in the UK, renowned for its ability to provide impactful and transformative solutions.

IT Support- IT Solutions for Schools

Education and Technical Partners

hi-impact’s education and technical partnerships drive innovation, fostering educational excellence.

Work Experience

At hi-impact, gain valuable work experience in a dynamic and innovative environment, honing your skills and making a lasting impact.

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