Chromebooks in Education

User-friendly, durable and cost-effective

Why Chromebooks?


Simplify lesson presentations and resource sharing for teachers

Experience the ease of learning and teaching from anywhere at any time

Security features such as the ability to disable stolen devices to maintain safety

Features include spill-proof keyboards and scratch-proof screens for durability

Battery life of ten hours, to support use throughout the school day

Chromebooks for Education

Chromebooks in Education

Chromebooks in schools provide a cost-effective and secure education solution. With cloud-based operations, they enable seamless collaboration and remote learning which is easily managed through the Google Admin console for easy use and maintenance. They come with built-in security features, quick boot-up times, and long battery life, maximising teaching time and reducing disruptions.

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Chromebooks Support Inclusivity

Chromebooks foster inclusivity in education through the following features: 


  • cloud-based access for diverse learning needs
  • accessibility features
  • real-time collaboration via Google Workspace
  • multilingual support 
  • cost-effectiveness
  • offline accessibility to cater to those with limited internet connectivity
Chromebooks for Education
Chromebooks for Education

Chromebooks enhance Learning Outcomes

Chromebooks enhance learning outcomes through their user-friendly design, access to a wide range of educational apps and collaboration tools such as Google Workspace. The cloud-based platform enables seamless access to resources and assignments which promote continuous learning from any location.

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