Hilbre High School

Mission: To modernise and enhance an ageing IT infrastructure in order to support contemporary educational needs, streamline administration and eliminate inefficiencies

“Hilbre High School secured hi-impact’s support for our ICT setup last year. Since then, we have never looked back! I can say with honesty and without hesitancy that the company is professional, informed, supportive and offers excellent service.”

Headteacher, Hilbre High School

Brief Overview

Client Industry: Public Sector Education

Challenge: To modernise infrastructure, improve operational efficiency and meet the current educational requirements.


  • Replaced outdated hardware and core machines including various IT suites significantly improving the school’s technical capabilities.
  • Redesigned the network and server layouts to reduce points of failure and significantly enhanced overall network efficiency.
  • Increased internet speed to five times the original rate to ensure the school meets modern educational demands seamlessly.
  • Introduced cloud networking concepts for enhanced flexibility and scalability to adapt to future needs.
  • Enhanced flexibility and scalability.
  • Implemented remote management capabilities which allow for efficient and effective system administration.
  • Improved school’s operations through more streamlined and delegated system administration responsibilities to appropriate parties.
  • Reduced technical inefficiencies and points of failure and drove network improvements resulting in a more reliable technical environment that supports educational excellence.

Hilbre High School faced significant technical challenges, including an ageing IT system with RM operating systems. The school’s average equipment age led to technical struggles that affected educational support. The challenge was to modernise and enhance the school’s technical capabilities to support contemporary educational needs, streamline system administration and eliminate inefficiencies.

hi-impact addressed multiple technical challenges with a comprehensive approach. This included the replacement of outdated hardware, network redesign for improved efficiency, a significant increase in internet speed, the introduction of cloud networking and the implementation of remote management capabilities.

hi-impact transformed the systems into modern, efficient ones, ensuring alignment with contemporary educational needs. This empowered teachers and students for a more effective learning experience while reducing technical inefficiencies and points of failure, creating a more reliable technical environment. Additionally, improved system administration processes enhanced operational efficiency and resource allocation, fostering a successful transformation of the school’s technical landscape.

Hilbre High School - hi-impact

“Since commissioning hi-impact to oversee our ICT, we have not looked back. We see ourselves as a well supported, ICT savvy, institution and look forward to a long-lasting partnership with hi-impact.”

Deputy Head Teacher, Hilbre High School