Sacred Heart

Primary School

Mission: Empower Sacred Heart Primary School through improved Technology, Curriculum and Media Support

“An aspect of the hi-impact service I have been impressed by is the reliable and pro-active support provided by the technician assigned to our school. It is reassuring to know that the technical support is always there when you need it.”

Headteacher, Sacred Heart Primary School

Brief Overview

Client Industry: Public Sector Education


  1. Ensure complete IT optimisation whilst reducing IT overhauls
  2. Create a new computing curriculum and embed technology across all subjects
  3. Boost school marketing through and array of media services


  • Conducted a comprehensive Technical Audit to assess Sacred Heart’s IT infrastructure and provided actionable recommendations ensuring a more efficient system.
  • Transitioned the school to a cloud-based environment, utilising Chrome for the curriculum network and Windows for administrative systems.
  • Reduced Microsoft licensing costs significantly and minimised energy consumption through optimised server management.
  • Conducted a comprehensive review of Staff Technical Skills, subject policies, schemes of work, assessment, knowledge progression and challenging areas.
  • Developed and helped to deliver a coherent and cohesive Computing curriculum across all year groups.
  • Integrated technology across all subjects through enrichment workshops.
  • Delivered CPD through workshops and webinars
  • Provided marketing and media services to enhance the school’s online presence and promotional efforts attracting a wider audience

The unique challenges being faced by Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School drew on hi-impact’s three service areas: technology, digital education and media services. The collaboration has been a triumphant success with a comprehensive solution to address crucial operational, pedagogical and promotional needs. 

Technical improvements have streamlined the school’s operations, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.  We guided the school in transitioning to a cloud-based environment, using Chrome for the curriculum network and Windows for administrative systems. This shift not only reduced Microsoft licensing costs, but also significantly improved energy efficiency by eliminating power-hungry servers.

Our curriculum team met with subject leaders to assess staff skills, subject policies, schemes of work, knowledge progression and challenging areas which has enabled us to develop a bespoke support plan for both staff and pupils every year since 2017. As a result, ICT literacy and enjoyment in the school have flourished. hi-impact has provided Subject Leader Support, a cutting-edge computing curriculum, integration of technology across subjects, enhancement days and specialist STEM projects.

Furthermore, our media and marketing services have been instrumental in boosting the school’s online presence. This holistic approach has not only attracted prospective parents but also deepened the school’s ties with the local community. The combined technical enhancements and media support have notably improved the school’s overall performance and bolstered its reputation.

This partnership showcases how a strategic blend of technical solutions, curriculum enhancements and media services can make a positive impact on an educational institution, making it more efficient, financially stable and better connected with its community.

Sacred Heart Primary School- hi-impact case study
Sacred Heart Primary School- hi-impact case study

“hi-impact is amazing and nothing is too much trouble. Staff are highly skilled and so efficient.”

Teacher, Sacred Heart Primary School

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