RAF Space Camp

Mission: Ignite STEM passion in underprivileged UK youth during a five-day residential.

hi-impact have managed the delivery of this course, from start to finish, with utter professionalism. The activities they’ve been able to provide for us are exactly what we want to use to inspire the next generation of engineers.

Michelle Randall FLT LT, Royal Air Force

Brief Overview

Client Industry: Armed Forces

Focus: Youth Development and STEM education programme.

Challenge: Design an engaging space-themed five-day residential programme for 50 underprivileged 13 -14 year olds from across the UK.


  • Developed a comprehensive and engaging educational programme.
  • Recruited 50 eligible children from under-represented areas of the UK.
  • Ensured curriculum met requirements for a CREST Award in STEM.
  • Invited third-party specialists to enhance the educational experience.
  • Provided chaperones to accompany and supervise the children.
  • Oversaw all aspects of the camp from logistics to program delivery.
  • Secured a suitable residential venue.
  • Implemented robust health and safety measures.

Challenge: The Royal Air Force approached hi-impact with an enormous challenge: to design and deliver a five-day youth development residential programme with a focus on Space and STEM to 50 underprivileged children from across the UK.

The primary challenge faced by hi-impact in this Space Camp project was to create a comprehensive and engaging educational programme with a focus on space and STEM related topics that would captivate and educate 13 -14 year olds. Another challenge was recruiting and selecting 50 eligible children from under-represented areas of the UK.


Solution: To tackle the programme’s diverse challenges, hi-impact applied a comprehensive approach. We designed an engaging educational programme on space-related topics, recruited 50 diverse children from under-represented areas, coordinated third party guest speakers for educational enrichment and ensured participants could achieve STEM recognition through the CREST award program.

We also secured a suitable residential venue, implemented health and safety measures, managed logistics and provided chaperones for supervision.


Benefit: hi-impact’s delivery of the Space Camp programme yielded several significant benefits. First and foremost, the project provided underprivileged children with a unique and enriching educational experience, nurturing their passion for science, technology and space exploration. The camp inspired participants, igniting their interest in STEM subjects and space-related careers. The project’s inclusivity, which targeted children from underrepresented areas, facilitated stronger connections with marginalised communities, emphasising the importance of diversity in STEM fields.

Additionally, through the CREST award program, hi-impact empowered participants to gain valuable STEM recognition, validating their accomplishments in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The Royal Air Force was overwhelmingly pleased with the success of Space Camp and has since used hi-impact for outreach programmes across the country.


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Space Camp hi-impact
Space Camp hi-impact
Space Camp hi-impact

“This camp was the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve always been interested in the RAF and after spending a week learning about Engineering and Space, I know this is where I want to be! I had the best time and will miss it so much when I go home.”

Space Camp Graduate

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