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Do you lose teaching time because of complicated IT and heavy workload?

COOL offers a user-friendly dashboard that gives access to all educational apps with just 1 login; live monitoring of student devices; easy picture and QR login for younger students; COOL Check for 100% fair digital tests and exams and much more.

Your virtual classroom assistant COOL saves valuable time, enhances learning and integrates the very best of EdTech, so you can focus on what you love: teaching.

cloudwise cool platform

Problems logging in?

Remembering passwords is tough for young students. COOL picture or QR login allows students to log in by themselves so learning can take place quickly with no loss of control for the teacher.

Make use of every minute of learning time to impact students’ results. Interested?

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Want to keep control while students use digital devices?

Managing online learning the safe and easy way. Increase student engagement by helping one, multiple or all students by monitoring what they are doing online.

Scaffold learning, model exemplary work and provide feedback during the learning process to impact students.

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cloudwise cool platform
cloudwise cool platform

Need accurate assessment data?

Do you want accurate and reliable assessment results from your students? Do you need accurate data to inform your gap analysis?

We can help you conduct tests, exams and controlled assessment in a secure online environment using laptops or Chromebooks in the classroom. Interested in improving student results?

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‘The software is used by our entire school. Our teachers love COOL – it’s so easy to use!’

Elevate the Learning Experience

cloudwise cool platform
cloudwise cool platform
cloudwise cool platform
cloudwise cool platform
Explore: As a Teacher
  • COOL Platform provides easy access to all apps
  • Single sign-on saves teaching time
  • Easy sign on with pictures or QR codes
  • Easy to reset passwords
  • Stay in touch with your students, by managing their device in the classroom
  • Scaffold resources for disadvantages and other students
  • Model student work instantly
  • Quickly set low and high stake tests/assessments with COOL Check
  • Allow extra tools for those with SEN
  • Gather data to inform gap analysis
  • No more printing assessments
Explore: As an IT Technician
  • Easily manage the COOL apps platform
  • Connect COOL with your MIS. Create student, teacher and staff accounts.
  • Automatically create and update. Google Classrooms/Microsoft Teams.
  • No more lengthy password creation. Log in with pictures or QR codes.
  • Allow teachers to reset student passwords.
  • Have control over what your students can see-maintain a safe online environment
  • Daily sync log to see changes in user accounts
  • Create and update mail groups in Google or Microsoft environments
  • Keep GDPR compliant for all user data
Explore: Tool of Intervention
  • Keep students focused on specific tasks
  • Push URLs to targeted groups
  • Monitor all student devices for continuous assessment
  • Scaffold assessments to compliment personal learning journey
  • Model exemplary student work to all students
  • Quickly set individualised knowledge tests and assessments
  • Allow extra tools and time for SEND students when using COOL Check Encourage peer assessment by using COOL Focus
Explore: Wider School Strategy
  • Every minute of learning counts – easy and quick Single Sign On
  • Keep all students focused and on task by monitoring and sending direct messages
  • Continuous assessment made easy by monitoring devices
  • Easily test knowledge and collect data for gap analysis and raising standards
  • Set formal assessments on digital devices
  • Collect accurate data to inform wider intervention strategy
  • Save money on invigilation resources
  • Reduce printing costs
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