Compass MIS 

Transform Day-to-Day School Management with Compass

Hi-Impact proudly partners with Compass to introduce a cutting-edge, cloud-based Management Information System (MIS) for schools. Widely adopted across thousands of institutions in the UK, Ireland, and Australia, this innovative platform streamlines daily operations using real-time data, enabling informed decision-making and seamless integration with all aspects of school management.

Compass MIS enables schools to personalise student pathways and enhance outcomes, functioning as an all-in-one solution that eliminates the need for third-party providers. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, Compass empowers schools to adapt and thrive in today’s dynamic educational landscape.

Key Features

Compass School MIS handles  day-to-day tasks across student administration, data management, timetabling and communications.  Simplifying operations for teachers, administrators and parents.
Compass is shaped by feedback from school staff, ensuring it meets the unique needs of educational institutions.
With modern UX design, simple navigation, and color coding, Compass is easy to learn for new users. Staff can maximise its potential without a steep learning curve.
Effective communication fosters staff morale, productivity, and parental engagement. Compass makes communication easy, bridging the gap between schools and families.
From generic out-of-the-box reports for Ofsted to bespoke dashboards tailored to your school’s needs, Compass provides valuable insights for informed decision-making.
Empower staff to connect with pupils by providing easy access to essential information. Whether it’s attendance records, student details, or timetables, Compass makes it accessible with just a click
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