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Expert Computing CPD for Head Teachers, Business Managers and Teachers

Computing CPD session with teachers

EdTech CPD

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in computing and tech, offered by hi-impact, empowers teachers with cutting-edge skills, strategies, and technologies for an enriched classroom environment.

Our sessions are designed to boost confidence, enhance motivation, and refine teaching methods. We’re committed to sharing our expertise to ensure educators stay at the forefront of innovative teaching practices, ultimately creating dynamic and engaging learning experiences for students.

Our CPD opportunities are customised and designed to meet the distinct needs and roles of the educators we are supporting. Below are examples of how we effectively collaborate with various groups.


We offer free, expert-led CPD sessions for head teacher cluster and learning network groups. Our sessions empower educators with practical insights into the latest AI, tech, and computing for education. Led by our Technology Integration Consultants, these sessions equip head teachers to make informed decisions that benefit their schools and students.

Business Managers 

We recognise the vital role of Schools Business Managers in overseeing educational technology. That’s why we offer tailored CPD sessions covering tech procurement, infrastructure management, and cybersecurity. Keeping up with AI and computing advancements empowers Managers to streamline operations, drive efficiency, and ultimately improve student outcomes.


We offer tailored CPD sessions for teachers to master technology integration in the classroom. Led by experienced consultants, these sessions equip educators with the skills and strategies to leverage educational apps, online resources, and innovative teaching methods effectively. By embracing tech advancements such as AI, our free CPD sessions provide the guidance and support teachers need to maximise technology’s potential in education.

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Curriculum Strategy

hi-impact’s strategy centres around using transformative technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences.
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Teaching Staff

Providing comprehensive support to empower and enhance teaching staff for optimal educational outcomes.
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Online Events

Unlock a multitude of online events and training tailored for educators, providing teachers with valuable CPD opportunities.