Technology and Computing Audits for Schools

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Many schools and MATS need a deeper understanding of the use of technology across the whole organisation from not only teaching staff and students but also administrative and support staff.

A hi-impact Technology and Computing Audit provides senior leadership with valuable insights into the provision and utilisation of technology across the school, organisation or MAT with key recommendations for the future. Alongside our IT Infrastructure Audit you have a powerful insight into your current position and recommendations to move forward using technology in your organisation.

Benefits of a Technology and Computing Audit
computing audit - hi-impact
computing audit - hi-impact
computing audit - hi-impact
computing audit - hi-impact
computing audit - hi-impact
computing audit - hi-impact
What are the Steps of a Technology and Computing Audit?
1. Gather School Information
  • The hi-impact team assesses existing equipment and provisions in the school
  • A bespoke audit is designed using the school information which focuses on current provisions, knowledge and capability
2. Gather Results and Data
  • Online surveys are distributed to the staff
  • Data from the survey responses is analysed
3. Prepare and Present a Report
  • A report is prepared based on the survey responses
  • The report is presented to key staff members 
  • The school’s strengths and areas of development are identified
4. Develop a Comprehensive Training Plan
  • The hi-impact team can collaborate with the Senior Leadership team and key stakeholders to design a comprehensive improvement plan
5. Integrate the Training Plan
  • The training plan is integrated into the school’s curriculum and activities
computing curriculum - audits - hi-impact

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We take pride in being a dependable IT Partner for Educational Institutions.

'We are very pleased with the way planning has been adapted to meet the needs of the school, the ease of contact, the speed with which advice is given, the regular attendance and willingness of the consultants and the quality of and assistance in response to queries from office staff.'

Headteacher, Woodlands Community Primary

'All of the hi-impact staff are incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and thoroughly professional. They have always gone the extra mile for us, consistently creating cutting edge solutions that make life in school easier and more fun.'

Headteacher, The Priory Primary School

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