Connected Computing Curriculum

Use hi-impact‘s Connected Computing Curriculum (CCC) to support your primary computing

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Bidston Village Primary School on their Connected Computing Curriculum
Connected Curriculum for Computing

Embracing the right technology plays a vital role in education. At hi-impact we offer a comprehensive computing curriculum which has been designed to empower primary school pupils with essential computing knowledge.

Our curriculum meets the demands of the English National Curriculum and is built around the three pillars of the curriculum:


  • Information Technology
  • Digital Literacy
  • Computer Science.

The Connected Computing Curriculum centres around:

Connected Curriculum for Computing - Hi-impact
Connected Curriculum for Computing - Hi-impact
Connected Curriculum for Computing - Hi-impact

We leverage Common Sense Media for high-quality, free-access lessons and resources, seamlessly embedded in our long-term plans.

Our Connected Curriculum guides pupils in responsible and confident digital navigation and is aligned with Education for a Connected World and Common Sense Education’s digital citizenship topics.

With hi-impact’s Connected Computing Curriculum, we prepare pupils for the digital age and foster essential skills for their future.

We provide:

  • Knowledge Progression: Our curriculum offers a progressive learning path, ensuring pupils build a strong foundation while advancing their skills.
  • Real-World Applications: We connect classroom learning to real-world applications, making education more meaningful.
  • Digital Citizenship: Our digital literacy teaches responsible and ethical digital behaviour.
  • Curriculum-Aligned: Our curriculum aligns with educational standards, simplifying tracking and evaluation.
  • Critical Skills: Pupils develop vital skills such as logical reasoning and problem-solving.
  • Integrated Concepts: It seamlessly integrates key computing concepts like coding, computational thinking and digital literacy.

Plus much more…

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