School Data Protection

Partnering with Judicium Education

Data Protection - hi-impact

Helping Your School to Comply

hi-impact collaborates closely with its trusted partner organisation, Judicium Education, to provide comprehensive support for GDPR compliance. Judicium Education ensures strict adherence to data protection regulations and data security for staff and students.

Judicium Education helps schools to comply with UK laws which includes UK GDPR. It handles interactions with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and can serve as your school’s designated Data Protection Officer (DPO). 

Key Principles

Unlimited Advice

Judicium Education offers unrestricted access to expert guidance and support. Schools can reach out to Judicium Education whenever they have questions, concerns or need assistance related to GDPR compliance.

Team of Experts

Judicium Education’s experts specialise in assisting schools in various aspects of protection including the following: policy development, staff training, compliance audits, subject access requests, FOI requests and the handling of data breaches.

Compliance Dashboard

Judicium Education’s monitoring and management system means it is able to track and improve compliance across schools in the UK. 

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