Design & Technology Workshops

Through hi-impact’s wide variety of creative and practical DT workshops pupils will be taught the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in the interactive process of designing and making in all areas of the Design & Technology curriculum.

What’s Covered?

Many of the workshops explore the use of creative digital technology in DT, a part of the subject often left aside. 3D design, building virtual worlds and simulation can all be developed through these workshops.

High Quality Equipment

The hi-impact team will provide the equipment (MTa), resources and expertise to run the workshops; producing bespoke plans that outline the session and explain any preliminary work that may be required. This plan will also include suggestions for follow up activities and highlight areas of CPD that are integrated within the session.

Enhanced CPD

Following the experience, staff will have a deeper understanding of how Design and Technology can be creative, practical and engaging for pupils, particularly through the integration of innovative technologies to enrich the experience and make learning more efficient.

Unique Learning Experiences

From creating and building catapults to researching, designing, and developing a brand new food product; hi-impact has designed a series of exciting, engaging and practical workshops that are mapped directly into the curriculum.

Comprehensive Lesson Provision

Some of these workshops will cover all aspects of the Programme of Study and are designed to support the interactive design process; ensuring pupils are involved in prototyping, testing, analysing and refining a product or procedure.

Targeting of Specific Curriculum Areas

Each workshop is paired with a key that corresponds to elements of the DT Programme of Study. This is an excellent tool for subject leaders who have audited their DT teaching and have identified a particular strand of the subject in need of further support.

Alan Crist,

Head of Consultancy 

“We now have nearly 40 workshops in our DT offering, split between KS1, KS2 and upper KS2; ensuring that the workshops meet all aspects of the DT curriculum in terms of design, making, evaluating and technical knowledge.”
Interview with Alan

Read all about the unique, fun and creative nature of our Design & Technology Workshops from the perspective of our Head of Consultancy, Alan Crist, in this informative and eye-opening interview. – Read here

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Our DT Workshops

Design. Make. Evaluate.

With over 40 workshops addressing the key elements of Designing, Making, Evaluating and Technical Knowledge, our offering is comprehensive, diverse and full of truly unique workshop activities. Read about all of them by downloading our brochure below! 

Some of our Favourites…

Wheelbarrow Racing (LKS2)

In this exciting, fast-paced workshop, pupils will be asked to design and construct a wheelbarrow that can travel through an obstacle course whilst holding materials. Pupils have to use problem solving skills and challenge themselves to build the strongest, most effective model they can, racing against the clock to be crowned as the winning team!

Wind It Up Catapults (UKS2)

A fantastic opportunity to investigate the role of trebuchets and catapults. Pupils will work together to build a large-scale working catapult, experimenting and testing the accuracy of their machine, as well as launching a series of projectiles. Watch as they get competitive, working together as a team to complete the final challenge!

Toymakers (KS1)

In this workshop, children will become toy designers and build their own moving cars or planes, powered by elastic bands. The construction task will be augmented with explanations and demonstrations, concentrating on the tension in the bands as well as the wings and wheels of the pupils’ vehicles.

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