The role of technology in our children’s lives has changed rapildy over the past few years and the methods that we use as educators should reflect these changes. hi-impact offers a wealth of expertise in managing the strategic use of Computing & IT in schools. We can show you how to harness your technology to have maximum impact and value for money.

We offer support to schools, clusters, MATS, Local Authorities and Government Education Departments wanting to audit and plan the use of innovative technologies across the curriculum and beyond. We can offer advice and guidance to develop a comprehensive picture of your IT capability.

Are you new to leading IT & Computing in your school?

hi-impact provides Computing leaders with a comprehensive toolkit to audit and evaluate the use of Computing and innovative technologies across the school, feeding into your School Improvement Plan and focused clearly upon your targets and objectives..

Our Audit, Plan and Purchase service gives you a powerful starting point to consider your school strengths and opportunities for managing IT strategically across your school.


In 2015-16, hi-impact consultants delivered sessions to over 100 primary and secondary schools across the UK; integrating the creative and innovative use of technology across the curriculum.

Since 2013, the company has supported schools in their implementation of the new Computing curriculum and last year alone, delivered to over 20,000 pupils.

hi-impact has developed a highly effective and unique curriculum mapping process that places technology opportunities across the wider school curriculum. A tailored training plan supports this work with a termly and yearly evaluation process. Annual technology audits and assessment matrices evaluate the impact of the programs designed and implemented. All workshops that hi-impact deliver are evaluated and feedback is used to constantly improve the quality of the training offered.






With years of classroom experience, our consultants deliver the highest level of training and support for teachers who are ready to embrace the technologies that surrounds our youngsters and develop them into dynamic learning experiences.

From ‘one off’ staff meetings to whole day INSET training and from one to one skill development to university lectures / workshops; hi-impact consultancy can work with you to develop CPD as well as bring new skills, resources and ideas to your school.

“hi-impact delivered training to many groups of teachers in Greece over a 3 year period. The consultants’ enthusiasm is contagious and the participants certainly benefitted from the workshops and presentations. I would certainly welcome the opportunity to work with hi-impact at our University in the future.”

Ms A. Tsichli

University of Peloponnese, Greece

“The staff that delivered the workshops were highly trained and provided engaging, productive and valuable sessions. They listened attentively to our ideas whilst also providing us with beneficial insight. They had a good rapport with pupils and staff going ‘above and beyond’ to support us with the brief they were given. I couldn’t recommend hi-impact enough! I cannot think of a way these workshops could be improved. Thank you for a thought-provoking, outstanding, mind-blowing day.”

Mrs R. Barbour

Fazakerley Primary School