4,000 Students Benefit from Wirral-wide Partnership

Published on 22/04/2024
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Wirral Council Funded STEM Film at Eureka with BAS

Wirral Council’s commitment to fostering scientific curiosity among local students reached new heights with its recent ‘Cool Wirral’ initiative, offering an exclusive opportunity for young minds to connect live with scientists aboard the renowned research vessel RRS Sir David Attenborough through a funded STEM film.

Spearheaded by the Eco Council, a dynamic assembly of students from various schools across the region, the event was not only a testament to Wirral’s dedication to environmental education but also a remarkable showcase of youthful enthusiasm and engagement.

hi-impact was called upon to provide technical and media assistance for the event, drawing on our extensive experience in creating film and event coverage for both the council and Eureka Science & Discovery Centre. We also created virtual tours, including one of the RRS Sir David Attenborough, which was featured during the event.

Student Leaders in Action

At the heart of this initiative were Ben Shoebridge from Calday Grange Grammar and Gabriela Hyde from St John Plessington, who courageously led the live session at Seacomb’s Eureka Science and Discovery Centre. Their adept handling of the live link, coupled with insightful panel discussions on climate change and environmental stewardship, left a lasting impact on the 80-strong audience of children and educators present. Through their leadership, students gained invaluable insights into the critical research being conducted in polar regions, inspiring a new generation of environmental advocates.

Collaborative Success and Nationwide Impact

Leveraging our technical expertise and longstanding partnership with the British Antarctic Survey, hi-impact played a pivotal role in facilitating the live link and capturing the essence of the occasion.

Simon Sloan, hi-impact’s Director of Innovation, said “Having been lucky enough to have spent many hours on board the SDA creating its virtual tour, it was wonderful to be able to use that resource as part of this brilliant event with Wirral Council. Our expertise across all forms of media and education meant we were uniquely placed not only to support the live link to the ship but also record, edit and stream the funded film to a global education audience to showcase this wonderful Wirral-wide collaboration.”

Funded STEM Film
Highly Sensitive Child - Hi-impact - Latest News
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