Funding Information

Explore various funding opportunities available to schools to enhance educational resources and experiences.

The Stable Company

With over 15 years of experience, The Stable Company is a team of specialist designers and installers who focus on timber-framed buildings across various market sectors.

Their work within the education sector involves the creation of exquisitely designed classrooms and enhanced teaching spaces to meet increased capacity demands. 

The Stable Company understands the financial hardships schools currently face and have provided a valuable source of information on the grants available to schools through their website. 

Take a look here.

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IT Support

Unlock more classroom time with efficient and streamlined IT solutions.

IT Support- IT Solutions for Schools

Subject Improvement

Enhance curriculum leadership and empower subject leaders with tailored improvement packages.

IT Support- IT Solutions for Schools

Enrichment Days

Experience the extraordinary with the hi-impact WOW days, delivering enriching programs that bring awe-inspiring moments directly to schools.

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