An aerial voyage of discovery has brought geography to life for a group of primary school children.

tethered balloon aerial photography project with hi-impact put famous Liverpool landmarks – as well as well-known sights in their own local community – within virtual touching distance for pupils of St Francis de Sales Catholic Junior School on the outskirts of the city in Walton.

The venture, part of the school’s Key Stage Two curriculum, involved experts from hi-impact releasing the giant rope-tethered helium-filled balloon in the school playground, a 360-degree camera attached underneath it.

Using digital tablets, pupils could then experience immediate eye-in-the-sky views of their own community and further afield to the Liverpool waterfront.

Ian Wah, assistant headteacher in charge of computing, explained: “Pupils enjoy projects where, as part of geography-based lessons, we go out into the local community to explore the area around the school.“However, to put a different dimension on their learning, we thought it would be exciting to get hi-impact to come into school with their tethered balloon and camera equipment – an unusual and unique way of bringing the local area to us.

“The result was amazing. From the images, we were able to analyse the area all around us and connect the waterfront, its heritage and history with places familiar to us such as our school and homes. It was also great to see things like Goodison Park and Anfield.

“Pioneering projects like this are important to us as we regard ourselves as a forward-thinking school when it comes to technology and the balloon tether was something that really excited and inspired the children.

“It’s vital that we try and stay ahead of technology, embracing new and innovative ideas such as those devised by hi-impact, whose experts share our vision of creating valuable new experiences for young people.”