hi-impact launches new English workshops!

Feb 25, 2019

Award-winning consultancy ‘hi-impact’ is pleased to announce that their services have expanded to include a tailored English offering.

For over a decade hi-impact have supported schools all over the country with the integration of innovative and creative technologies to enrich teaching and learning in all subject areas. Following enquiries, hi-impact launched a bespoke Science offering to schools two years ago which has been a huge success and allowed schools to explore topics such as Rocks and Solids, the Digestive System and Forces in a way that enriches using technology at the helm.

The new service in English has been designed to increase pupil engagement and enhance the subject across the primary sector. Almost all the workshops can be adapted to fit the technology that your school as access to, and can easily be customised to accommodate your topics or themes. Most areas of the English curriculum can be addressed in the workshops, including aspects of writing, speaking and listening and reading.

The hi-impact team will provide the technology where needed, along with resources and expertise to run the workshop; producing a bespoke plan outlining the session and explaining any preliminary work that may be required. The plan will also include suggestions for follow-up work and highlight the many areas of CPD that are integrated into the session. With all workshops, supporting resources can be provided for the teacher to further use technology in the future.

Alan Crist, Curriculum Manager, says ‘At hi-impact we like to ensure that we are constantly updating and supporting our schools in areas that they require. English has been an area that has been requested by many schools previously and we have been able to focus in on this subject and produce an offering that we believe can bring the English classroom to life! It is very exciting to be able to now share this with schools across the UK.’

You will find more information about our English workshops on www.hi-impact.co.uk/English or alternatively you can email [email protected] to request a brochure or further information.