hi-impact Recruitment – How We Choose a Candidate

hi-impact Recruitment: How We Choose a Candidate - hi-impact - Latest News
hi-impact Recruitment: How We Choose a Candidate - hi-impact - Latest News

hi-impact Recruitment Process – An Insight from Laura Jones

Identifying the Role 

I get a real buzz of excitement when recruiting for hi-impact. It is thrilling to grow the team and by the end of the process we have recruited a new employee who fits our scoring criteria, company culture and shares the same values as us. The recruitment process allows me to work with individual key members of the division fulfilling their needs by analysing the job description along with the person specification.  


Once the job description has been confirmed it is uploaded onto our main jobsite page; Indeed. There are a few questions to answer when submitting a CV – these aren’t intended to scare off any potential candidates but allow my to sift between applicants with ease. The job advertisement is also published across our social media pages; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. 

The advantages of recruiting for hi-impact is that we are an established company operating out of Bromborough, with customers based across the North West and Stockport which is all commutable from North Wales or across from Liverpool (with transport of course).  

Sifting Process 

This is the tricky bit, we genuinely receive some excellent detailed CVs from our adverts and it can be hard to split them up. I refer back to the job description and person specification during the sifting process, along with an aiding tool which is broken down into categories to assist with this process. I then split the CVs and proceed with the next step. 

Interview Stages 

Now for another of my favourite parts of the hi-impact recruitment process, the interview stages. I start off by conducting telephone interviews, which can be tricky for candidates to accommodate the time between the usual hours of 9-5, due to their working day. However, I adhere to being as flexible as possible and hold telephone interviews during the evenings or weekends. I appreciate the time candidates have taken to apply for their jobs, therefore, it is paramount that candidates are in a comfortable environment which will allow them to shine. 

The telephone interview stage is viewed in my eyes as a ‘two way street’, we go over some of the company history, teams, job description and discuss any questions the candidate has. It also allows me the opportunity to ask some questions about the candidates job history, typical day in their current or last position, their achievements and also some general questions surrounding their notice period and why they applied for the job. 

Each candidate is asked the same questions, this is in order to keep the process as fair and consistent as possible. 

Once the telephone interview has been completed, I then type up the notes of the conversation held and discuss these with the departmental manager. All candidates are notified of the next stage on completion of their telephone interview. 

If the candidate is successful after their telephone interview, they are then invited to attend a face to face interview. The recruitment panel can vary but usually consists of the Departmental Manager, a Senior member of staff and myself. This really does depend on the role, although, each candidate is informed prior to the interview of who they will be meeting so there is no big shock.

hi-impact Recruitment: How We Choose a Candidate - hi-impact - Latest News
hi-impact Recruitment: How We Choose a Candidate - hi-impact - Latest News
hi-impact Recruitment: How We Choose a Candidate - hi-impact - Latest News
hi-impact Recruitment: How We Choose a Candidate - hi-impact - Latest News

Selection and Rejection of Applications

The bittersweet stage of hi-impact’s recruitment process. After receiving all applications, we go back and review the telephone interview notes, review the job description, person specification along with the sifting aiding tool. We have a chat about each candidate and conclude our decision shortly after the interview process has finished. 

We always provide feedback whether a candidate was successful or not in their application. If unfortunately, an applicant was not to be successful, we ask for their permission to keep their CV on file for 6 months, as we are growing as a business and an opportunity may arise in the future. 

 In the Event we are Not Recruiting

We always welcome CVs whether they are submitted for the media department, tech team, curriculum division or office-based positions. We are grateful that candidates have considered working for hi-impact and if we are not actively recruiting at the time that details are submitted, with permission, we will hold the details on file.  

Interested in joining the hi-impact team?  

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, staying updated on job opportunities and company news is essential for anyone seeking employment.

If you’re interested in working at hi-impact, please keep an eye out for upcoming vacancies here on our website and feel free to follow us on Twitter (X), Facebook and LinkedIn.

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