hi-impact welcomes new staff member Jack Ambrose!

Nov 18, 2019

Well, where to begin? As a fair-haired lad with tinted rose cheeks, I was always shy. I never wanted to be the centre of attention, nor did I ever seek popularity. I did, however, always maintain an interest in the psychological aspect as to why people needed that approval. Why did they need to be popular? Why did they need to be noticed? Why was so much of our personality intertwined with how we’re viewed by others? Of course, you could put this interest down to the fact that I had the social nous of a wet carrot, but that’s neither here nor there.


Unfortunately for you, the story doesn’t end here. In my early teens, I decided to try and turn my curious fascination in social conventions into something more productive; thus I began to take notice of advertisements. Does no one else find it strange how could a simple slogan, colour palette, sense, taste, or sound can elicit such a vast array of emotions?


How do McDonalds, a fast food restaurant I haven’t visited with any sort of regularity since I was a child, ignite such a passionate loyalty in me? The answer is, of course, effective marketing. McDonalds, Coca Cola, Disney, Cadbury’s etc. all of these brands have proven to be extremely adept in drawing on sentiment. After all, who can honestly say that good memories don’t force you to look upon something in a more favourable light?


After leaving school, I attended Birkenhead Sixth Form College where I studied IT & Business. Upon completion, I enrolled in an IT & Marketing course at Liverpool Hope University. Not long after graduating with a degree at 2:1 level in 2017, I was accepted as a Marketing intern in the University’s Education Faculty, where I remained for 10 months. It was here where I learned how to put all what I had learned into practice; taking an active role in direct marketing, digital marketing, public relations, advertising, sponsorship and many other ventures. 


I was able to accomplish a lot during my time there, and develop my knowledge and skills beyond what I expected. My involvement in delivering the MA African Christianity course, the first of its kind in the UK, was a particularly proud moment of mine.  


This was alongside working on an Education Graduate magazine, in which I collated student stories; detailing the academic and personal struggles they faced whilst they were undertaking their respective degrees. Not only was the magazine a grand success, but it was also an incredibly rewarding project. My time there proved to be an incredibly fun and educational experience, which, having only recently been a student myself, I was able to approach with a unique mind-set.


Now more knowledgeable and experienced, I have joined the hi-impact team to develop my expertise further. I feel hi-impact are the perfect company to guide and mould me into a more skilled, sophisticated and proficient marketer. 


Written by Jack Ambrose