ICT Leasing For Schools

Saving you time and money

ICT leasing for schools has become increasingly popular as government cutbacks have increased the challenge of secure funding for school equipment.

Despite budget constraints, the need for upgraded IT equipment remains crucial to keep pace with advancing technology demands.

Tailored ICT Leasing Solutions

By opting for ICT leasing, educational institutions can spread their budgets over an extended period which enables them to make essential investments and stay up-to-date with technological advancements.

Leasing can be used for a multitude of requirements such as:

  • IT equipment, software and installation services
  • Telephone systems
  • Furniture for classrooms, theatres or sports halls
  • Long term projects such as fitting out new buildings
  • Whole IT networks and computers, laptops, iPads, Chromebooks etc.
  • Classroom, office, library and dormitory furniture
  • Design and technology equipment

At the end of the operating lease, the school has the following options:

Return the equipment – The finance company collects the equipment.

Retain the equipment – The school retains the equipment according to fair market value.


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