IT Audits for Schools

Conducting technical audits for schools ensures a robust IT action plan

Maximise Your School’s Potential with a Comprehensive Technical Audit

At hi-impact, the team understands the importance of technology in education. A Technical Audit will assess your school’s infrastructure, devices, services and software which ensures your needs and performance standards are met.

Benefit from a tailored Technical Improvement Plan, providing short, medium, and long-term strategies for continuous development. Stay ahead in the ever-changing educational landscape and future-proof your school today.

Benefits of an IT Audit

School IT Support - hi-impact
it action plan - hi-impact
it action plan - hi-impact
it action plan - hi-impact
it action plan - hi-impact
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Dependable IT Audits for a Healthy Network

hi-impact’s comprehensive IT Audits review your systems, software and infrastructure which ensure reliability.

Receive expert recommendations for a future-proof IT strategy.

A Streamlined Process For Reliable Insights

 A qualified and experienced engineer will conduct a 2-5 day onsite evaluation followed by an additional 3-5 days to review the findings and generate a comprehensive report.

The report will be presented in an easy-to-understand format using Red, Amber and Green (RAG) ratings to highlight areas which require improvement.

The improvement solutions will include three tiers – ‘good, better, best’, accommodating budget constraints and individual requirements.

it action plan - hi-impact
it action plan - hi-impact

Comprehensive Focus Areas

The report will delve into key areas covering hardware (devices, printers etc.), email, servers, infrastructure, documentation and processes, security, antivirus, internet and telephony.

Trusted by our Customers

We take pride in being a dependable IT Partner for Educational Institutions.

'I just wanted to say how hard hi-impact has worked with us at St.George's. The team is flexible, helpful and we have accomplished so much together. Jamie does everything with the technical knowhow I struggle with currently, all with integrity and calmness.'

Business Manager, St George’s Primary School

Talk to a Hi-impact Technician about an Audit for your School or Academy.

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