Jake’s Snowy

Night Hike

To say this year has been a bit miserable would be somewhat of an understatement, wouldn’t it? As an education consultancy which has worked with schools throughout the UK for 15 years, we’ve had the misfortune of seeing, first hand, how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our schools. 

This year, more than any other in recent memory, we need to inject some real Christmas cheer into our lives. 

In an effort to accomplish this, the hi-impact consultancy team has come up with a plan to end the year with a joyous and wholesome National Christmas competition! This will focus on a brand new publication which centres itself on our warm and loving office dog, Jake, and his ‘Snowy Night Hike’.

‘Jake’s Snowy Night Hike’ tells the story of when Father Christmas accidentally took Elephant Ted, our cuddly dog’s favourite stuffed friend, and Jake had to journey through snowy, forest filled lands to find Mr. Claus and retrieve his lifelong pal. 

Meeting many other creatures along the way who help guide him, Jake and his animal companions teach us all about the importance of perseverance, kindness and optimism during difficult periods.

Available for FREE!

Read at home with your loved ones, at school with your class or just for pleasure.

Click on the link below for your digital copy of ‘Jake’s Snowy Night Hike’ and don’t forget to encourage any little ones to enter our competition to win an array of prizes (details below).

How to Enter

For any child looking to enter our competition, all they will need to do is design Jake’s Christmas present – a collar, which will be presented to him by Santa Claus as a reward for embarking on his brave journey! 

After receiving all submissions, Jake will choose his favourite and declare two lucky children (KS1 and KS2) the winners! Prizes include £50 Smyths vouchers, soft toys and printed copies of ‘Jake’s Snowy Night Hike’.

Entries to be submitted by 14th December 2020.


To Enter:

1. Send entry by post to Jake Thompson, Innovation House, Power Road, Bromborough, Wirral, CH62 3QT

2. Enter via social media on Facebook (hi-impact consultancy) or Twitter (@hiimpactconsult)

3. Send your entries in with a hi-impact staff member if they are working in your school setting 

4. Email your entry to [email protected]


A little bit about the real Jake …

Written by his human, Alan

In 2011, my wife and I decided to adopt a dog. There are many rescue centres for animals who have been abandoned by owners who can’t or don’t want to look after them any more.

When I walked into the rescue centre I didn’t choose Jake – he chose me. He was curled up in the far corner of his small, concrete kennel and when he saw me look through the bars, he ran over, jumped up and pushed his nose through to say ‘Hi – I’ll come and live with you!’

9 years later he has brought such joy to so many people. All his friends who work at hi-impact, his neighbours who he watches through the window, the postman who tickles his tummy and even people he meets on the street all enjoy the love and affection he gives so willingly. He is very spoilt with cuddles, treats, lovely walks and many toys – including his favourite, Elephant Ted.

At Christmas many people forget that looking after a new pet can be a real challenge – especially puppies and kittens who are still learning how to behave. Pet ownership takes time, effort, patience and money and in the New Year many animals, given as Christmas presents, will be abandoned and the rescue centres will be full again.

Jake and all his friends would like to thank the wonderful people in all the animal rescue centres around the country who work so hard to care for abandoned pets and he hopes that this Christmas time, people will think very carefully when they are choosing their gifts.