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Koma Koma - workshops by hi-impact
Koma Koma - workshops by hi-impact
Koma Koma - workshops by hi-impact)

Create and Edit Simple Stop Motion Animations


Works on:

App is available for iPad, works on iPad 2 and newer. Lite and paid versions are available, both versions are currently free.

hi-impact says:

Koma Koma app, from TriggerDevice, allows you to simply and easily create stop motion animations using the camera on your iPad.

Features Include:

  • Simple user interface with only 4 buttons. (shoot / delete (1 frame/all frames) / play (loop) / save)
  • Variable frame rate from 1fps to 30fps
  • Onion skinning
  • Automatic capture with time interval  (3 sec to 10 min)

The main reason that Koma Koma is so effective, particularly with children who are new to animation, is that it allows children to focus on the basics, without the distraction of unnecessary features and buttons. It is a really easy way into teaching stop motion animation. Koma Koma could be used to create animations linked to almost any topic. You could create an animation of an erupting volcano in Geography, the flow of blood through the heart or a germinating seed in Science, the process of mummification in History, retell a story in Literacy or make visual number sentences in Maths!

Time needed to learn how to use it and get going:

5 minutes

What the Trigger Device says about Koma Koma

There are images all around us. However, there is always someone on the other side of the screen who makes those images for us. Do you ever think about that? In truth, making images is much, much more fun than simply watching them, and making animations is especially fun because is a certain primitive charm to animation in that you “make things move that should not move”. KOMA KOMA for iPad is a simple & easy stop motion animation app for iPad. Please enjoy making your succinct animation. Like a Haiku, known as the shortest form of Japanese poetry! 

Where to find it:

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