LitFilmFest is a unique chance for young filmmakers to have their work showcased at a regional cinema screening, improving their literacy and digital media skills along the way. LitFilmFest have once again selected to partner with hi-impact consultancy, combining their excellent digital resources with hi-impact’s outstanding hands-on guidance and expertise in creative media.

These FREE award-winning projects contains all the ideas, planning and resources you need to get your class writing creatively. Through a comprehensive series of lessons, the pupils’ writing will cover all the key aspects of their chosen genre. After this comes the acting, filming and digital editing; that’s where hi-impact comes in!

Pupils are introduced to real world film production techniques and guided through the process of fine-tuning their written pieces, ready to be translated to film. Our consultants will support and assist your pupils to edit their work, and even help you submit your entry to the LitFilmFest website. Monthly winners are chosen to win a filming day with YouTube Kids and there are Amazon vouchers up for grabs too. To top it all off, the competition culminates in a regional cinema screening.

For more information email [email protected]