Manage Technology Strategically

Strategically position technology across the curriculum

The hi-impact Curriculum Approach

hi-impact’s strategy centres around using transformative technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences. We recommend engaging, cost-effective solutions and help schools maximise their existing technology through our various curriculum solutions.

Our support and resources ensure comprehensive curriculum coverage, progressively building staff confidence and developing pupils’ knowledge and skills.

Our curriculum support can include:

  • Whole School Strategy
  • Teacher Skills Assessment and Bespoke CPD
  • Units of Work: The Connected Curriculum for Computing
  • Subject Improvement Solutions
  • Subject Leader Support
  • Pupil Workshops
  • Online Safety Guidance
  • Online Training and Courses
  • Computing and Technical Audits
  • Curriculum Enrichment Days
  • STEM Projects

Plus much more…

Manage Technology Strategically

Our curriculum support is customised to meet the unique needs and goals of each school. With over 15 years of experience, we’ve developed tools and processes to ensure our support maximises impact for your staff and pupils.

Curriculum consultations always include the following processes:

ICT School Strategy - hi-impact
ict support for education - hi-impact
ict support for education - hi-impact
ict support for education - hi-impact
ict support for education - hi-impact
ICT School Strategy - hi-impact

Work with hi-impact

hi-impact offers various curriculum support options.

The preferred choice for many schools is the Service Level Agreement (SLA) which provides a set number of days a school can use as it sees fit according to its needs. These days can be used for Subject Leader support, staff CPD, pupil workshops or support with planning and assessment. 

Schools with SLAs have access to hi-impact’s Connected Curriculum for Computing and a dedicated account manager who provides continuous support and curriculum insight year round.

For one-off projects, workshops or staff training, schools receive a personalised quote based on their needs.

Our SLA Process
1. Initial Assessment and Needs Analysis

We begin by reviewing your school’s unique needs and objectives. Our team conducts an initial assessment to identify areas where hi-impact’s training can support computing and the use of technology across school.

Many schools choose to make use of our own scheme of work, the Connected Curriculum for Computing. Alternatively we can support you with whichever scheme you may use, from Purple Mash to Teach Computing.

2. Bespoke Training Plan

Working from the initial assessment, we plan in CPD and workshop opportunities throughout the year.

We offer staff training to cover all areas of computing alongside tools to use across the curriculum. This support can take the form of workshops with pupils, staff meetings or 1:1 teacher support.

3. Workshop and CPD Implementation

Working together, we schedule the support at strategic times. Ahead of our consultants visiting, we share planning and identify any relevant pre and post workshop opportunities. We provide all the specialist materials and equipment necessary.

4. Engagement

Led by technology specialists, our support programmes demonstrate high engagement and skill progression. They are designed to foster creativity, critical thinking and collaboration among pupils and modelling computing teaching to staff

5. Ongoing Support

During your contract you will have a dedicated account manager offering continuous support. You will also have access to webinars, troubleshooting and computing curriculum updates.

6. Assessment and Evaluation

We work with your school to assess the impact of our CPD and workshops on pupil learning and staff skills. Termly reviews with the subject leader also allow us to gauge progress and identify future areas of development.

7. Scaling and Expansion

As part of a continuous improvement process, we identify new areas for development each year, ensuring that your school and staff are kept at the forefront of any new curriculum updates and developments in technology. Schools can explore cross-curricular technology or select workshops in other subject areas including music, science or DT.

Curriculum Strategy- hi-impact - IT Solutions for Schools

Trusted by Our Customers

We take pride in being a dependable IT partner for educational institutions.

'I have worked with hi-impact in my previous schools in Wirral and they are well established here at my current school. At Eastway, we are incredibly proud of the positive working relationship that we have with hi-impact. They offer a wide range of services and have been extremely supportive of the changes that we are currently introducing at the school'

Headteacher, Eastway Primary School

'All of the hi-impact staff are incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and thoroughly professional. They have always gone the extra mile for us, consistently creating cutting edge solutions that make life in school easier and more fun.'

Headteacher, The Priory Primary School

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