Meet our new consultant…Sarah Gorman! A driven tutor who relishes a challenge; Sarah is a fantastic new addition to the hi-impact consultancy team. Get to know her more by reading below!


Where did you grow up? 

I grew up in Formby and still live there now.


Where did you go to school? 

I went to St Peter’s Primary School and Range High School in Formby. I then lived in York for four years studying Theology and QTS at the University of Ripon and York St John.


What was your first job? 

My first job was when I was in the sixth form. I worked on the checkouts in Sainsburys and then on the bakery counter in Safeway! 


What interested you most about hi-impact when you were applying?

I loved the massive range of activities and opportunities you are able to offer to schools. It’s really exciting to be able to take my role as a teacher in a different direction while keeping the parts of the job which I love – working with children and other teachers – but challenging myself to try new ideas and technology in lots of different classrooms and schools.


You’ve only very recently started. What are your impressions so far?  

Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming. It’s been quite a strange time to start a new job, and working from home is definitely new to me, but I’ve felt really included and part of the team from day one. I just can’t wait to meet everyone in person at some point!


When did you first realise you wanted to be a teacher?

I can’t remember not wanting to teach, I just always knew that’s what I wanted to do. 


If you could give any advice to aspiring teachers, what would it be?  

Volunteer for activities which get you working with children and families, spend time in schools whenever you can – it will give you a good feel for the ages of children you like working with and help build your confidence leading activities. Read as many children’s books as you can, I loved basing topics and lessons on really good books which could inspire their work in every subject. And don’t take yourself too seriously, you have to be ready to laugh at yourself when things go wrong!


Cats or dogs? (This is the most important question of all!) 

Cats – they look after themselves.


The classroom fell silent, stopping to stare;  a new well-dressed figure had entered their frenzied lair. Decorated windows and worn-out playground swings — in the presence of silence — began to cry and sing. Through their shouting, laughing and inoffensive berate, they had brought about an uncertain fate. A threatening authority now darkened their door, giving them more reason for pause than ever before. Yet when she began to speak, they had a strange feeling; her voice and demeanor were soft…appealing. As through the disguise of a yelling machine, there stood a nice teacher – one who was not at all mean!

Yet despite this truth, the children remained uneasy. What on earth could have them all feeling so queasy? Aware of the tension building in the room, the teacher spoke up and not a moment too soon, “What is the problem? Is all okay? Why is it that you’re all in such disarray? If it’s a query, please let it be known. I’ll stay here all day, I won’t even go home.”

The threat was out there, they had to ask their question. Lest they miss their break. Lest they be given detention.

The children spoke, in unison and with force…

“Fridge or cupboard; where goes the tomato sauce?”

It’s a modern day dilemma but…. cupboard.