BBC Micro:bit Training for  Teachers

Published on 25/04/2024

At hi-impact, innovation in EdTech is our driving force. Our recent Micro:bit training workshop series attended by teachers from the North West was yet another testament to this commitment.

The first session kicked off with an immersive journey into the basics of Micro:bit technology from unboxing the kit to basic programming, catering to both novices and those seeking to integrate Micro:bits into their curriculum.

Participants explored the versatility of Micro:bit technology as data loggers across multiple subjects, sparking creativity and engagement in teaching methodologies.

After a networking break filled with a showcase of Micro:bit projects, teachers delved deeper into Micro:bit applications in the UKS2 and LKS2 Computing curriculum.

From crafting devices in order to protect sea turtles, creating step counters for pet toys and reinventing traditional classroom games, the workshops offered hands-on experiences that directly translated into impactful learning tools for the classroom.

With practical activities expertly linked to curriculum objectives, the Micro:bit workshops empowered teachers to harness the full potential of this cutting-edge technology, paving the way for innovative and immersive learning experiences in the future.


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