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Content Filtering and Monitoring for Schools

The key challenge lies in ensuring the safety of students while still providing them with a vibrant and dynamic online learning experience.

With hi-impact, this challenge is met through real-time filtering and monitoring options which effectively block harmful content while preserving the students’ freedom to explore and learn.

Manage your Filtering and Monitoring Standards

The Department for Education recently revised its guidelines for schools on meeting digital and technology standards. 

It is essential your school understands and updates procedures to align with these new government standards. These changes will help you adopt safer and more cost-effective practices while embracing new learning opportunities. Whether you have an in-house IT team, outsource all of your IT support to hi-impact or simply need assistance in navigating these changes, hi-impact will provide the support you need.

What are the Standards?


Filtering and monitoring are both critical to safeguard students and staff from potentially harmful and inappropriate online material.

The following 4 standards have been set out by the DfE to provide a safe environment to learn and work.

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Manage systems: read more

Manage systems: Clear roles, responsibilities and strategies are vital for delivering and maintaining effective filtering and monitoring systems. The appropriate people need to collaborate and use their professional expertise to make informed decisions.

Review annually: read more

These people must ensure the filtering and monitoring provision is reviewed annually. This can be part of a wider online safety review. The review should be conducted by members of the senior leadership team, the designated safeguarding lead (DSL) and the IT service provider.

Harmful content: read more

An effective filtering system needs to block internet access to harmful sites and inappropriate content. It should not unreasonably impact teaching and learning or restrict students from learning how to assess and manage risks themselves.

Monitoring: read more

Monitoring allows you to review user activity on school devices. Effective monitoring must detect and report incidents urgently, through alerts and observation, allowing you to take prompt action and record the outcome.

Read more about the new DfE standards here.

We work with any monitoring platform you have in your school. However, Securus is our go-to platform when we partner with a new school. Securus has been keeping children safe in schools for over 20 years and is constantly evolving to meet DfE safeguarding requirements for all schools and learning establishments.

It contains a library of over 24 categories of concern including cyber-bullying, racism, drugs, mental health issues such as suicide and self-harm, radicalisation, sexual abuse, grooming, gambling and many more risks.

The software also encourages pupils to think for themselves and take greater responsibility for their actions which plays a fundamental part in building users’ digital resilience today.

It helps all schools by meeting the safeguarding criteria identified of Ofsted, the Independent Schools Inspectorate and government statutory guidance including Keeping Children Safe in Education and The Prevent Duty.

Securus allows students the freedom to explore while blocking harmful content in real time.

Securus- Monitoring and Filtering- hi-impact

hi-impact works with a multitude of filtering and monitoring providers who have years of experience working within the education sector.

Regardless of the provider your school choses to work with, you will receive the following:

  • Real time dynamic, content analysis
  • BYOD support with public/guest WiFi filtering options
  • Multi-OS support
  • HTTPS filtering
  • Tailored policies
  • Easy management systems
  • Granular reports
  • Full compliance to DfE Standards
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