Antivirus For Schools

Partnering with WatchGuard

Robust antivirus and cyber security are crucial to protect the safety and privacy of students, teachers and staff.

They are essential to safeguard sensitive data and ensure a safe digital environment for teaching and learning.

antivirus for schools - hi-impact

Are you Ready to Secure your School Network?

Antivirus software acts as a first line of defence against cyber threats such as viruses, malware, ransomware and phishing attacks. It actively scans and monitors the school’s computer systems and networks, identifying and neutralising any potential threats before they can cause harm. It is a critical part of the overall IT solution for schools. 

Hi-impact is proud to be partnered with globally recognised WatchGuard Antivirus to provide a GDPR compliant and comprehensive antivirus solution for schools.

Hi-impact is also able to support and maintain antivirus systems from other providers ensuring that your devices are always safe and secure. 

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