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Enhance the Primary Music National Curriculum through Enrichment Days, CPD training and Subject Improvement Packages

Importance of Music in Education

Music is vital in primary education as it nurtures creativity, emotional expression, cognitive development and teamwork. This fosters a well-rounded learning experience for young learners.

Through musical exploration children can develop a better understanding of themselves and others which promotes emotional intelligence and empathy.

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Subject Improvement Solutions

hi-impact’s Music Subject Improvement Solution (SIS) empowers schools to enhance teaching in Music. It does this by evaluating the teaching program, setting objectives for improvement and fostering a dynamic learning environment to nurture musical creativity. 

Features of Subject Improvement Solutions include:

  • Staff Audits
  • Subject Leader Strategy Meetings x 3
  • Subject Leader Check-ins
  • Whole School Staff Meeting
  • 10 CPD sessions based on the audit findings
  • Subject Leader Deep Dive Audit
  • Access to a hi-impact Consultant
  • Subject Leader Checklist and Action Plan
  • Subject Leader Resources
  • Teacher self-review linked to staff meetings and in-class CPD sessions
  • Access to further hi-impact / HOST CPD webinars, events and courses
  • Access to all eleven Subject Leader Toolkits

Enrichment Days

Experience hi-impact’s harmonious Music Enrichment Days! Embark on a musical journey exploring creativity and innovation through apps and instruments. Click below for more information.

Bespoke CPD

Understand and implement the latest national curriculum expectations and DfE guidance. Through training, workshops, online courses and more. Talk to hi-impact about how we can support you with your Music CPD.


  • Establish best practice
  • Drive subject mastery
  • Establish and enhance teaching best practice
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We take pride in being a dependable IT partner for educational institutions.

'It was an enriching experience for the children as they have not had experience of playing a ukulele before.'

Year 5 Teacher, Park Primary School

'Brilliant independent learning for children.'

Year 1 Teacher, Bedford Drive Primary School

'The children really enjoyed the session, they have a greater understanding of tempo, rhythm, and music apps .'

Year 4 Teacher, Leasowe Primary School

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