IT Help Desk

Efficient remote IT support, anytime, anywhere

Staffed by Experienced IT Engineers

Help Desk Portal

The control centre for seamless support. Customers request assistance and our skilled engineers promptly address each task.

Remote IT Support

Expert engineers engage in daily remote sessions with customers which ensures efficient issue resolution and firsthand user support.

Phone Support

The telephone support line is staffed from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. All hi-impact customers promptly reach an IT engineer when they call the support line.

Email Support

Email the team anytime on any weekday. An IT engineer swiftly addresses your request ensuring smooth assistance without the need to log in to the Helpdesk portal.

Emergency Support

Call between the hours of 8am-5pm and a member of the team will support any emergency issue.

Looking for Another Service?
IT Support- IT Solutions for Schools

IT Support

Unlock more classroom time with efficient and streamlined IT solutions.

IT Support- IT Solutions for Schools

Remote IT Support

Maintain seamless classroom learning for your school with our efficient and responsive remote IT support.

IT Support- IT Solutions for Schools

IT Audit

Maximise your school’s potential with a comprehensive technical audit.

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