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Remote learning is supported with The HOST

hi-impact’s Online Support Platform: The HOST

The HOST brings together all the expertise of our educational consultant team as well as highly-regarded partner organisations such as Primary Science and Literacy Counts. The HOST provides subject leaders and teaching staff with everything they need to not only meet but to exceed Ofsted requirements and students’ needs. 

Within the HOST is a complete toolkit for remote teaching and learning whether to an entire school or one child. In addition, there are activity guides and video tutorials demonstrating how to use common learning platforms such as Google Classroom, Seesaw and Purple Mash.

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What does The HOST provide:

Audit Current Provision

Let’s start with what you’ve got. Our comprehensive audit explores all the elements of online learning provision at your school and is the perfect springboard from which to strategise and create an action plan. Our online survey is quick and easy and gives a powerful insight into what is currently in place and areas to develop.


Make the most of what you already have and ensure that you are not missing out on the many free tools and resources available to teaching staff aiming to deliver quality, online learning opportunities. Our comprehensive research into the best resources enables teachers and pupils to move seamlessly from the real world to the virtual.

Certification for Teachers

Whether you are using Google’s Workspace, Microsoft’s Teams or an Apple ecosystem, various training opportunities and certification tiers are available. These resources can greatly support teachers in preparing content and activities for both synchronous and asynchronous online learning experiences.

Teaching Remotely

Teaching has changed. There are now expectations placed upon experienced practitioners that could never have been foreseen. Our tried and tested approach to effectively training your staff (even remotely) was a great success across four countries during Covid.

Strategy and Action Plan

Looking through the lens of your audit, a strategy will be developed with you and your team to ensure that everything is in place for remote teaching and learning whether for the whole school, a year group or one pupil. Recommendations will be made for short, medium and long term developments.

Links to Online Resources

Our team of consultants scours the online world for the very latest resources and opportunities as they become available. Whether you are meeting a zookeeper at Chester Zoo or working out with Joe Wickes, we’ll ensure you and your whole school community are kept up to date with the latest tools available.

Collaborating Remotely

Teachers work well together. Sadly, staff meetings, PPA planning sessions or even chatting over a coffee in the staff room are luxuries that can no longer be guaranteed. Ensure all of your staff know how to collaborate effectively using the many free tools and platforms to which they already have access.


Research has already shown the impact of lockdown on the well-being of our children who are suddenly finding themselves in a very different world. Our well-being guides will ensure that teachers and parents know how best to support the mental health of our youngsters as they embrace technological solutions to the challenges we now face.

Kit and Equipment

Your audit will ensure that the kit you have is best utilised during any remote learning scenarios whether for one pupil or the whole school. How many resources remained in the cupboard during lockdown that could have been in the hands of your teachers or pupils? Along with our expert support and guidance on any investments, your kit and equipment can really enrich ‘Anytime – Anywhere‘ teaching and learning.

Policies and Compliance

From lending children your IT equipment to expecting families to log in to online platforms, you will inevitably need  compliance checks and policies put in place. Our many templates will ensure that you’ve dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s.

Parent Resources

During lockdown, the internet and social media were flooded with a wealth of opportunities and resources for parents trying to support their children’s learning at home. Needless to say, some were better than others and with such a spectrum there was limited consistency from child to child. Our collection of resources, links and opportunities ensures that you as a school can provide parents with quality resources that support your curriculum.

After School Clubs

Whether for children in school, families at home or a mix of both, our ideas and recommendations for exciting extra curricular activities can continue to be a part of your school’s provision. After school opportunities are so important and we will ensure that they can continue.

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