School Health and Safety

Partnering with Judicium Education

school health and safety - hi-impact

Create a Safe Learning Environment

hi-impact collaborates closely with its trusted partner organisation, Judicium Education, to provide comprehensive support for school health and safety policies.

Judicium Education has extensive experience from working with over 3,000 schools. It ensures the strict compliance of legal regulations which prioritise the safety and well-being of both staff and learners.

Together, this partnership aims to create a secure and conducive environment, fostering a safe and optimal learning environment for all.

Key Principles

Health and Safety

Judicium Education works to four key principles when managing Health and Safety: Plan, Do, Check and Act. hi-impact aligns itself with these same principles, ensuring that all aspects of health and safety are adhered to, creating a safe and compliant environment in every school.

Fire Risk Assessment

Judicium Education performs Fire Risk Assessments and prepares a dedicated Fire Safety Action Plan to ensure schools and education institutions are compliant.

MAT Due Diligence

Judicium Education conducts Health and Safety due-diligence audits for MATs acquiring new school premises. They focus on identifying costs and liabilities related to physical and  building issues to ensure a smooth acquisition process.