School Serverless Solutions

Cut costs and add functionality with a cloud-based server

hi-impact can simplify school IT with more cost-effective, cloud-based serverless solutions. Our hassle-free, fully-supported services ensure robust performance, enhanced security and accessibility from multiple locations.

school serverless solutions
school serverless solutions
school serverless solutions
school serverless solutions
school serverless solutions
school serverless solutions
A Reliable Transition

1. Consultation and Audit:  hi-impact will arrange a meeting with the school to understand its objectives and challenges. An in-depth audit will be conducted to assess the current infrastructure and identify the necessary steps required to achieve the desired objectives.

2. Serverless Design: The serverless solution will be designed to fit your exact needs. A strategy for the smooth transition from physical servers to serverless alternatives will be formulated, reliable backups created and access to cloud-based collaborative platforms managed as needed.

3. Settings Configuration: hi-impact will design a serverless solution using either Microsoft, Google or a hybrid of both platforms. A defined time frame is followed to avoid any costly downtime and all third party suppliers are consulted to ensure a seamless installation.

4. Final Installation: Once the system aligns with your specific needs and all security permissions are configured, it will be ready for rollout. hi-impact’s thorough approach guarantees a successful and hassle-free implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the cost implications of going serverless?

The initial costs vary depending upon the school and its current IT infrastructure. The IT audit will assess what is needed for the school to go serverless and then determine the cost. 

In the medium and long term, the school will definitely save money in areas such as electricity, licences, antivirus costs, hardware and replacement costs, server upgrades and more.

How much disruption is involved in migrating to a serverless solution?

As with any of the hi-impact services, the aim is to cause the minimal amount of disruption possible. The team understands the education sector and knows that schools need migrations to be as smooth as possible.

During the consultation stage, the school and the hi-impact team will determine the exact processes required and agree a time plan for the migration.

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