From programming sensors to designing rockets and from filming experiments in slow motion to recording results using multimedia presentations, it is no surprise that Science Leaders around the country have seen the benefits of integrating hi-impact expertise into their provision.

With this in mind the hi-impact team have designed a series of exciting and engaging practical workshops directly targeting the Science programme of study and thoroughly exploring the ‘Working Scientifically’ objectives.

To further increase pupil engagement in the process, tablet computers will be utilised to record each phase of the investigation; bringing together photos, videos and graphs of the activities into a Science Investigation Video.

Naturally, this video presentation will develop a range of key scientific skills including describing and explaining variables; the importance of a fair test; how a science experiment is conducted; the importance of accuracy; describing their results and drawing conclusions.

The hi-impact team will provide the technology, resources and expertise  to run the workshop; producing a bespoke plan outlining the session and explaining any preliminary work that may be required. This plan will also include suggestions for follow up work and highlight the many areas of teacher CPD that are integrated into the session. Following the experience, staff will have a better understanding of how Science can be practical, creative and engaging for pupils, especially with the integration of innovative technologies to enrich the experience and make learning more efficient.

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