Space Balloon Project

‘Watching the footage of our space balloon rising through the atmosphere was one of those awe and wonder moments I will not forgot. 440 pupils gasping simultaneously as the balloon passed through the Earth’s atmosphere to reveal the planet’s curvature was certainly one of my proudest moments.’

M.Mellin (Headteacher, Park Primary School)


Since 2012 hi-impact have been leading the way with High Altitude Balloon Launches into Near Space. Working with experts from around the world, your students will plan a space exploration project including:


  • Flight prediction algorithms, weather forecasting and Google Earth
  • Craft design including slow motion craft testing
  • 360 degree filming and Virtual Reality experiences from Space
  • Arduino Computer coding to put data loggers and sensors into Near Space
  • Tethered launch 50 metres above school for all children to experience
  • Post-mission review in school to analyse data, review footage and evaluate experiments
  • Social Media campaign to engage school community, local press etc.


For more information about the ‘Space Balloon Project’ email [email protected].