Spotlight on… Adobe Spark

Mar 25, 2019

Turn your ideas into impactful social graphics, web stories and animated videos—in minutes.


Works on: iPad brilliantly but also available for free through your desktop internet browser.



Hi-impact says:

We watched this creative suite develop and evolve from Adobe Voice and Adobe Slate which were both game-changers in their own right. Now the team at Adobe have pulled everything together as ‘Adobe Spark’ and it doesn’t disappoint. As cross curricular as you can get, this suite of tools allows users to be really creative and the end result is so professional and polished you will struggle to believe that this has been made by your class and not a team of media experts.

It really is a complete multimedia experience for the children who can add their voices, photos, videos, text and filters together to create digital magazines, social graphics, animated presentations and web stories.

For teachers looking to create tutorials or ‘flip’ their classroom so that pupils are introduced to topics and concepts ahead of the lesson this a time saving and effective tool to use.

This is not a tool to use if you want the children to actually learn how to design and build digital content as it does all the work for you. However if you would rather your students were focused on the content and feeling proud of their work then this is a very fast and incredibly effective tool.

As always there are some superb examples to inspire and excite on the site. I would always let the children have a browse around these offerings and share what features they liked / disliked and why before starting with their own creations.


Time needed to learn how to use it and get going: 10 minutes.



What Adobe says about Adobe Spark:

  • Create in minutes – Anyone can shine. No design expertise needed.
  • Share instantly – Impress your friends and influence the world.
  • Get inspired – Ignite your storytelling with our curated designs, inspiration gallery, and blog.