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Code Studio - workshop by hi-impact
Code Studio - workshop by hi-impact

Get the whole school Coding with Sequential Challenges

Works on: Through your internet browser on any device. Free to use and pupils can easily be set up with their own accounts to track progress.

During each stage pupils undertake effectively scaffolded challenges of increasing difficulty using block style commands to complete maze games or draw patterns and shapes. There are different focuses e.g. repetition, sequencing, debugging and variables. For teachers there is detailed tracking of progress available for assessment purposes as well as extensive lesson plans and short films to introduce sections by guest presenters e.g. Mark Zuckerberg.  Unplugged activities are well planned and explained to reinforce and embed the concepts.  

Children love the layout of the games, overcoming challenges, learning tenacity and collaborative problem solving while learning at an accelerated rate – and playing!  There are even extra courses, with topics like Minecraft and Star Wars to really motivate pupils, that can be tried without even signing up.

We have witnessed how the skills in Code Studio are transferable into other coding platforms e.g. Scratch and how students grow in confidence and creativity and develop a love of programming.

Time needed to learn how to use it and get going: 10 minutes


What Code Studio says about Code Studio

Launched in 2013,® is a non-profit dedicated to expanding access to computer science, and increasing participation by women and underrepresented students of color. Our vision is that every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science. We believe computer science should be part of core curriculum, alongside other courses such as biology, chemistry or algebra.

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Curriculum Strategy

hi-impact’s strategy centres around using transformative technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

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