Spotlight on… Lux Camera – Light Meter and Measurement

Sep 24, 2019

Digital Light Sensor for an iPad

Lux Camera gives the opportunity for children to measure light brightness accurately.


Works on:

This is a free app for iPads and iPhones. 


hi-impact says:

Lux Camera is a fantastically useful app which supports teachers in delivering the KS2 science curriculum modules on light.  It is quick and easy to use, providing an instant measurement of light brightness using the device’s camera. It is perfect for supporting hands on investigation and generating information for further analysis.

The reading is in the centre of the screen against a background displaying the camera view.  When pressing log an image is taken of the reading and location and direction of the measurement.  This means that the camera roll contains all the information for mapping light levels around the school, or even in different directions in the classroom without even leaving the desk.  It is perfect for measuring the brightness of bulbs or the opacity of material.

Although there are adverts, they are easily ignored and this free app can really transform science lessons.


Time needed to learn how to use it and get going:

2 minutes


What the Lux Camera says about Lux Camera:

With latest iOS 8.0 (iPhone) features and technology, this app works great with high precision in most conditions and you could save on purchasing of professional illuminometers which cost hundreds of dollars. 


– Unique and attractive design.

– Exclusive simplicity and convenience of use .

– Lighting fast measurements.

– Lux measurement (aka lumen, luminance, luminosity).

Tips to use: 

Open the app start the lux measurement with rear(back) camera, tap the screen show the current lux measure result. Tap the screen will continuous the real-time measurement.