Spotlight on… Shadow Puppet Edu

Mar 18, 2019

Collate images and films and record voice-overs to quickly create short films


Works on: iPads and is free to download and use.



Hi-impact says:

Shadow Puppet Edu is an easy way to engage children in all aspects of the curriculum.  We love it for its versatility and how it can be used effectively with different age groups.  Whether you’re exploring the history of transport, reporting on famous athletes, narrating a school trip or investigating another location, you will find this app motivates children and brings their learning to life.

Initially select the images (or short films) required from your camera roll: these can then be ordered – a useful task in itself – to set up the presentation.  There are then opportunities to add and format text to appear on top of the photos and enhance the children’s skills in word processing and presentation with the audience in mind.  Pupils can then narrate over the top of each image, pausing as necessary to collect their thoughts and they will love the “magic wand” where they highlight aspects of the picture and even add background music to provide a professional finish.

The beauty of the app is that really supports speaking and listening objectives, enhances the ability of children to showcase their knowledge, engages them in their learning, encourages collaborative learning and is inclusive for children of all abilities.



What Shadow Puppet Edu says about Shadow Puppet Edu:

Students can:

∙ Present a project or describe an experience

∙ Search Library of Congress, NASA, Met Museum, maps for images to explain an idea

∙ Develop digital storytelling skills

∙ Demonstrate understanding of a concept for assessment

∙ Improve speaking skills or practice reading aloud


Teachers can:

∙ Create mini-lessons for blended learning or flipped classroom

∙ Develop more engaging prompts for assignments or discussions

∙ Provide examples of final projects