Staying Safe Online

Supporting Online Safety for Home and Mobile Devices

“The best schools work closely with all families to help them ensure that their children use new technologies safely and responsibly both at home and at school.” – OFSTED

Staying Safe Online - IT Solutions for Schools - Hi-impact

Protecting Children on Mobile Devices

Approximately half of parents do not utilise internet controls or filtering software, while 13 % of parents with children aged 5–15 are unaware of these controls.

Parents are becoming less informed about safeguarding controls for mobile phones and gaming consoles, even though children generally understand how to stay safe online but often fail to apply these strategies.

Staying Safe Online - IT Solutions for Schools - Hi-impact

Implementing WiFi Filters and Parental Controls

Services popular among young people offer valuable tools in addition to filters. Learn more about YouTube Safety Mode, Google SafeSearch, 4OD Parental Control, BBC iPlayer Parental Guidance Lock, ITV Player PIN protection and Sky Go Parental Controls. 

Access links to these resources by clicking the button below:

Staying Safe Online - IT Solutions for Schools - Hi-impact

It’s essential to understand that no filter or parental control tool is 100% effective, and many online risks faced by young people result from their own and others’ behaviour. Therefore, it’s crucial to have open conversations with your children about online safety and let them know they can turn to you if they encounter any difficulties. 

For more information on key topics like cyberbullying, sexting and social networking, visit the additional advice for parents using the link below:

Staying Safe Online - IT Solutions for Schools - Hi-impact

Utilising Built-in Features on iPads

iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches come equipped with a feature called “Guided Access” that allows you to lock your device into a specific app. To enable it, navigate to General > Accessibility > Guided Access, and triple-click the Home Button to toggle it on and off.

Safe Browsing Options for iPads

There are several alternatives for secure browsing on iPads aside from Safari which can be disabled in your device’s restrictions (see “Built-in Settings on the iPad”). One option is Olly Browser which is a free alternative. 

Note that some users have reported that certain apps may be somewhat “clunky” on specific devices, while others find them to work perfectly. Feel free to experiment; if an app doesn’t suit your needs, you can always delete it and try another. These are just suggestions to help you stay safe while browsing. Good luck!

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