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STEM Live Partnerships

Welcome to STEM Live

At hi-impact, we believe that every child deserves access to quality STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education regardless of their background or location. That is why we created STEM Live!

We’re on a mission to ignite curiosity in STEM learning in all children through FREE live STEM lessons

Our vision is to create a generation of students eager to embrace future STEM challenges and fill the UK STEM skills gap.

STEM Live Partnerships - Hi-impact

What is STEM Live?

STEM Live is a series of innovative live lessons that bring the wonders of STEM right into the classroom. Our live lessons transport students to exciting locations and scenarios they might never get to experience otherwise.

Led by a team of curriculum experts, our lessons are thoughtfully designed for different age groups to ensure engaging and age-appropriate learning experiences.

Why Partner with STEM Live?

Impact Lives: By partnering with STEM Live, your business can directly impact the lives of countless children, helping them develop essential skills for the future.

Enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Partnering with an organisation focused on educational improvement showcases your commitment to giving back to the community and investing the future.

Global Reach: Our lessons are accessible to children worldwide, making it a truly global initiative.

Fostering Future Talent: Supporting STEM education at an early age helps to identify and nurture young talent. By partnering with STEM Live your organisation may benefit from a larger pool of potential employees with strong STEM backgrounds.

The Power of STEM Education: Key Insights and Impactful Statistics

High Demand for STEM Skills
  • The UK faces a shortfall of 1m engineers by 2030 threatening major infrastructure projects (Institute of Mechanical Engineers, 2023)
  • According to the UK government, approximately 43% of vacancies in STEM related careers are difficult to fill even though they offer higher wages. (2023)
Economic Impact
  • The shortage of STEM skills in the UK is an ongoing problem and has been estimated to cost the UK economy £1.5bn per year (
Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
  • Skills attained through STEM education include problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, decision making, leadership, entrepreneurship and  acceptance of failure . These skills go a long way in helping to solve meaning world problems.
Gender Diversity
  • Encouraging girls to pursue STEM education is crucial. Women are underrepresented in STEM fields, comprising only a fraction of the workforce. For instance, women only make up 24% of the STEM workforce in the UK (2022).
Global Competitiveness
Diversity and Inclusivity in STEM Fields
  • A 2023 House of Commons Report shows opportunities to gain skills required by STEM employers are not easily distributed across the following groups: women, certain ethnic groups, people with disabilities, those from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds and those who identified as being LGBTQ.
STEM Education Gap
Early Exposure Benefits
Innovation and Future-Proofing
STEM Live Partnerships - Hi-impact

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STEM Live Partnerships
STEM Live Partnerships
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The future belongs to those who embrace STEM, and together we can prepare the next generation for success. Join us in making STEM education accessible to all children around the world.