Stepping Into Happiness

May 19, 2020

There is a simple happiness in the magical act of placing one foot in front of the other after a day of work during lock down. When I head out of the door, I like to mix my routes around Chester which include walking around the Chester walls, the Meadows and Eccleston. All three places have a sentimental value to me and when I walk it is when I become at peace with my mind after a busy day. 



The Old Dee Bridge, Chester. It crosses the River Dee and is a perfect place to get access to Chester Walls. The walk around the walls is 3.6 miles, full of history and magnificent views to the North Wales hills.

When I think of walking, I think of the sunset going down over the River Dee, listening to the tranquil water flow which soothes my mind, whilst looking at the wildlife which surrounds the meadows and Eccleston trial. 

I have noticed prior to lockdown how easy it was to have deep and meaningful conversations when walking with my mum or friends and this is something I miss. The feeling of walking alongside each other, the calming environment and rhythm of walking invites new ideas and wise words. It encourages problems to be shared and solved. 



Chester Meadows is situated out of Chester City Centre. You can walk for as far as you like and take in the scenery of the houses across the river, wildlife and of course, my favourite… pet the dogs which come your way.

Although, since lock down began, I have found walking alone is just as therapeutic. A chance to step away from your phone and the rumbles of day to day life, which creates an instant calm headspace. Physically striding away from real life and its attached worries can make them seem much smaller and easier to deal with when you are out in the fresh air. When I return back, I am rested, at peace and can face my next task.

The benefit of walking is, it is completely free and is good for you physically as it is mentally. Walking improves memory, attention and it is proven to promote calm thoughts. 



Eccleston is a small village outside of Chester and boasts natural wildlife, a calm space and a long walk to Aldford if you are up to the challenge. I also used to treat myself to a cheeky beer at the Grosvenor Arms, Aldford before heading back.


Written by Head of Personnel, Laura Jones