Submit a Tech Ticket

Streamline technical support with our hassle-free ticket submission system for swift issue resolution

There are many ways of getting help with your school IT issues.

Ticketing System

The hi-impact ticketing system is the most efficient way to get in touch with the team. The service desk is manned from 8am to 5pm, and by submitting a technical support ticket you will reach the full team of help desk technicians.

Most issues can be dealt with through the ticketing system and there are a number of ways to submit a tech ticket:


  1. You can use the various buttons on this website
  2. You can use the ticket client installed on your laptop or PC
  3. You can log in to the portal


If you are unable to submit a technical ticket via one of the other routes mentioned, you can get in touch with the help desk by emailing and outlining your issue.

Your email will slot into the ticket queue and our help desk will start working on it as soon as we have a technician available .


If you have an emergency that requires an immediate response, you can call our office on 0151 638 6283 between 8am and 5pm (Monday to Friday) and one of our help desk technicians will provide support.

Resolving Tickets

We have an efficient prioritisation system for resolving technical issues. All tickets are classified in one of the following categories: critical, high, medium or low depending on the urgency of the ticket. We have successfully been utilising this system for over 15 years.

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