Teaching Staff Support

Tailored CPD, Immersive WOW Days, Workshops and more.

teaching staff support- hi-impact

hi-impact is a dynamic and innovative company which specialises in working closely with teaching staff to enhance their professional development and enrich the learning experiences of both educators and students.

Through our comprehensive approach, we offer a wide range of services fostering a positive and encouraging environment for teachers to explore innovative teaching techniques, develop professionally and make an impact on students’ lives.

Through our commitment to excellence and our passion for education, we remain at the forefront of providing teaching staff support and transforming classroom learning.

hi-impact support includes:

IT Support- IT Solutions for Schools


hi-impact specialises in providing CPD programs explicitly designed for educational institutions. 

IT Support- IT Solutions for Schools

Online Training

Unlock a multitude of online events and training tailored for educators, providing teachers with valuable CPD opportunities.

IT Support- IT Solutions for Schools

Resource Bank

Unlock the potential of your classroom with a comprehensive collection of teacher resources.

IT Support- IT Solutions for Schools

Subject Improvement Solutions

Enhance curriculum leadership and empower subject leaders with tailored improvement packages.

IT Support- IT Solutions for Schools

Enrichment Days

Experience the extraordinary with the hi-impact WOW days, delivering enriching programs that bring awe-inspiring moments directly to schools.

IT Support- IT Solutions for Schools


Interact with curriculum-aligned activities and experiences, led by scientists and STEM experts. Free teacher resources for all.

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